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How to plan your own trip to Norway

How to plan your own trip to Norway

Before taking a trip to Norway it is crucial to have things well organised and prepared. The fact that you want to travel on your own does not mean that you have to pick up your backpack and immerse yourself into the unknown without knowing where to go.

You can easily embark on an adventure without having to push the boat out, and, in fact, it will be a much more pleasant experience. Later on we’ll give you the details on some important aspects you should bear in mind when planning your trip to Norway, the most essential of which being exchanging your currency beforehand, in this case, for Norwegian kroner.

Sometimes it might be a lot more convenient to arrange your holidays with a travel agency, which does not have to necessarily be the best option for you. If you are travelling to Norway on your own, you will have to arrange everything on your own and depending on the promotions available, you will be able to save money that you can later spend on food or trips to tourist hotspots in Norway.

The best plan for a trip to Norway

There is no doubt that Norway is a unique country that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime, both for its local cuisine as well as for its unparalleled views. Although of course, you also have to take into account weather conditions when packing your bags. Scandinavian countries are a whole different world in and of themselves compared to Spain and Mediterranean countries in general. Let’s go through everything and analyse different factors to take into account when planning your own trip to Norway.

Things to see

Let’s start with the obvious:  the highlights of the city! As we already know, Norway is a country with quite the interesting views, so if this is where you are travelling to it would be a pity not to make the most of its landscapes.

Viaje a Noruega por libre - binocular sights

Here you have some of the most popular sites in Norway:

  • The Sognefjord. Norwegian fjords are probably the most iconic thing about the country, the Sognefjord being the most famous among them. These narrow inlets are created by glacial erosion. The Sognefjord stretches over 200 kilometres inland, and the best way to fully experience it would be to go on a cruise and admire the staggering cliffs and the innumerable villages settled along the fjord. These cruises (express boats) depart from Bergen to Sogndal on a daily basis, calling at Balestrand and Vik.

Viaje a Noruega por libre Sognefjord

  • Trolltunga. This rock, despite being a bit of a tongue twister, should be high up on your list of places to visit when planning your own trip to Norway. From up here you can catch a glimpse of the vast area in the municipality of Odda. It is over 1 kilometre high, so if you afraid of heights, you better stay away from the edge to fully enjoy the views.

Viaje a Noruega por libre Trolltunga

  • Jostedal Glacier. In the Nigardsbreen arm, this one-of-a-kind glacier gives shelter to an ice cave under its surface. I bet you have never been in a place like this before, so it is highly recommended that you save some time in your trip to make a visit to these caves whose roof is a thick layer of ice. These 3 destinations are among the hottest tourist spots in Norway.

Viaje a Noruega por libre glaciar

We already posted an entry about the best places to visit in Norway, so you can check it out for more ideas to add to your trip.


This is another important aspect to consider when planning your own trip to Norway. A lot of people decide to go to a travel agency so that they don’t have to fuss over it too much, but the truth is that you have plenty of options. Here you have some ideas for accommodation in Norway:

  • RV and camping. It all depends on what you are into, but if you love nature and want to travel with no strings attached, then this is one of the most practical ways of making the most of your trip, aside from being the most affordable, obviously. When travelling around Norway, you’ll see that there are a lot of places suitable for camping around the country that include bathroom and kitchen amenities for greater comfort.
  • Cabins. If you want to go trekking and enjoy the views but you also want to be a bit more comfortable when doing it, these cabins are another great choice. The Norwegian Trekking Association has a cabin network across the country for trekkers who would like to make use of them.
  • Rent a room. This is another useful option. Along the Norwegian roads, you’ll find signs advertising rental rooms, which is another great choice if you are planning your own trip to Norway. Bed & Breakfast Norway is an example of the reliability of these services.

Eating out

Another aspect everyone takes into account when travelling around the world, including yourself now that you are going to Norway, is the gastronomy of the area you are visiting. In Norway, just as in the rest of Scandinavian countries, the signature dish is seafood. Besides that, here are some other dishes you should definitely try if you are travelling to Norway on your own:

  • Fiskesuppe, which in English would translate as «fish soup». As we already know, in this part of the world fish is an important part of the diet, and what better way than putting all of it in a soup? It is made out of milk and vegetables, such as onions, potatoes and carrots, and a variety of fish is latter added.
  • Grovbrød. Bread is also an important part of Norwegian gastronomy, and the traditional kind is usually homemade brown bread. You will rarely find a Norwegian having Fikesuppe without Grovbrød.
  • Brunost cheese. Brunost means «brown cheese», so you can imagine what colour this typical Norwegian cheese is. This is due to the fact that it comes from a mixture of milk derived from several animals, mainly cows and goats. Another product that tastes better when combined with grovbrød.

And for further information on this trip, you can check out our posts with more tips for travelling to Scandinavian countries. Remember that you can savour all these products and places in your customised trip to Norway but you’ll have to exchange your currency first for Norwegian kroner. In this matter, Global Exchange gives you the best service.

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