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What to see in Mexico

What to see in Mexico

In this blog, we are devoted to bring you all the must-travel places on earth. We have already explored the United States of America and the European continent, where we have discovered the main tourist attractions. This time you’ll get transported to a country in North America we haven’t discussed yet, and this is Mexico.

Today we’ll leave aside the large nations of US and Canada to look into a country in the Southern region of North America. We’ll explain why this is a land willing to welcome tourists like you that want to enjoy in couple one of the most lovely places on earth, the United States of Mexico.

Find out what to see in Mexico

It borders to the North with the United States of America, to the South with Belize and Guatemala, to the West with the Pacific Ocean and to the East with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. This is a Federal Presidential Republic founded in 1810 (over two centuries of sovereign history) that was officially recognised in 1836. Today it is the fourteenth largest country in the world with almost two million km2.

This is a country with strong economic soundness, with a nominal GDP of 1,800 million Mexican pesos (the official currency, which is around 0.04 pounds per unit). There are currently 120 million Mexican citizens, who use Spanish as their mother tongue, along with other 67 indigenous languages which are spoken across the country.

Plan ahead your trip to Mexico

Mexico is one of the most beautiful lands of the planet, offering endless tourist attractions. Plan a magical trip here and savour the superb food, enjoy the warm weather and relax in the stunning beaches surrounded by a wealth of wildlife.

If you’re still unsure about heading to Mexico, remember it was ranked as the first tourist destination in Latin America and the thirteenth at a world level by the World Tourism Organisation (WTO). This is probably due to the fact that this country is home to 32 world heritage sites by UNESCO. So here are the best places to visit in Mexico. Prepare your dream trip!

1. Cancun.

qué ver en México

This is the most visited city of the entire country, a place internationally recognised for its wonderful coastline and luxury apartments by the beach. It is located in the North East coast, almost 2,000 km from the capital. Funnily enough, this city is packed with tourists following a strategic development plan that was made for the city in the 1960’s.

Just imagine yourself in a romantic holiday in the white sand to enjoy 27ºC sun and a full range of outdoor activities. Also, there is a busy social life along the 30 km of hotel beaches and exotic cuisine restaurants.

2. Palenque.

qué ver en México

The Mexican State of Chiapas opens its doors to a tropical city founded in 1567 by the Dominican Order to live with the Mayan culture, which had a chief influence in this area. Today Palenque is a great place to visit in couple and enjoy the urban area, specially designed to welcome tourists. Average temperature is 26 ºC and the rocky landscape includes a number of rivers.

But the most fascinating part here is not the city but the exotic and less known areas, such as the blue waterfalls, a natural landscape created by the carbonated water of the surroundings. Dare to adventure in Lacandon Jungle, but only with a guide, as it is a little tricky to get in and then not getting lost, especially if this is your first visit. Its striking views will make your jaw drop.

3. Mexico City.

Federal District is the capital of Mexico and has strong influence in the country. This is the largest city in Mexico with a surface area of almost 1,500 km2 and an average height of 2000 m above sea level. With a population of almost nine million people, the capital has a GDP of almost 500 million dollars.

qué ver en México

This is the oldest metropolitan city in America and is the proud guardian of many world heritage sites by the UNESCO. There is no shortage of historical buildings downtown, such as the big Cathedral or the National Palace, among others. In addition to this, the city is full of arts, history and anthropology museums and craft markets.

4. Mitla Valley.

Slip away from the urban jungles to travel to a magnificent place hidden from civilization –we’re talking about Mitla Valley. With stunning views to the hill and river and the most diverse fauna, the hot spot in the Mexican state is the Hierve el Agua –literally meaning “the water boils”, quite a peculiar waterfall.

qué ver en México

This is a naturally formed cliff with rock formations falling from the top and looking like a petrified waterfall, to the astonishment of visitors. It is formed by sodium carbonate, magnesium and sulphur. No water flows out of this mountain, but you can have a bath in the natural springs at the top of the mountain.

5. Acapulco.

The famous Mexican city and port is one of the major destinations in the country along with Cancun. It is located in the State of Guerrero, in the well-known town of Acapulco de Juárez. It is for sure not a big place –total surface area of 85km2– but since its foundation in 1550 population has increased up to over 670,000 inhabitants, almost half a millennium after.

qué ver en México

Located almost 400 km from the capital, Acapulco is famous for its beautiful bay, recognised as one of the finest in the world. The superb apartments by the beach enjoy the best temperatures and the most beautiful waves. Don’t miss La Roqueta island neither, the perfect diving spot.

Where to exchange currency in Mexico

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