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What to see in India: 5 essential destinations

What to see in India: 5 essential destinations

There are some travel destinations that never get old. That is exactly what happens with India, a country located in South Asia, which is the second most populated country in the world, just behind China. If you are looking for a guide to discover what to visit in India, you are in the right place! Global Exchange shares with you this short list including five travel destinations you should add to your plans when preparing your trip. Don’t forget to create the perfect route taking into account all the requirements you must meet when travelling to this country.


If you are thinking about what to see in India, Bangalore has to be included in your plans. This city is the capital of Karnataka, a state full of life and surrounded by natural landscapes. It stands out for being one of the biggest centres of knowledge in India, as in this city there are prestigious research, educational and business centres. In some cases, it has even been called the ‘Silicon Valley of the country.

Beyond its leading industry, it also has many tourist sites that you cannot miss. One of them is Bangalore Palace, which was the residence of the Wadiyar family. This was one of the most powerful dynasties of the country and this building reflects its great power. It is also a clear example of Hindu decoration and architecture, so it will give you a very good idea of what the country is like.

A tower from Bangalore Palace. What to see in India


We are more than sure that you have heard of Agra, although perhaps you don’t know this city by name, but for its cultural and heritage richness. There is an architectural marvel located in Agra (India) that many travellers have dreamed of visiting at some point: the Taj Mahal. As you probably may know, it is a funerary temple that Emperor Shah Jahan built for his wife.

Both the city and the temple receive millions of visitors every year. For this reason, we recommend you to buy your tickets in advance: avoid scams and purchase them in official organizations or institutions. Also, do not forget that this city has much more to see: the Agra Red Fort, the temple of Chini Ka Rauza… Plan your visit well and do not leave anything to see in India!

View of Taj Mahal, in Agra. What to see in India


The state of Kerala is not always included in lists of destinations to see in India. However, this southern region is perfect for those travellers who love nature. The territory is divided into three zones: the high, characterized by mountains, the middle, full of hills, and the low, where any tourist will find himself facing the shores of the Arabian Sea. In Kerala you can also learn about the importance of rice cultivation in the country, where innovative irrigation systems have been designed to maintain production throughout the whole year.

In addition, this area is characterized by its backwaters. You can take a boat ride on them and discover a little more of the villages that are established on the water. There is also the option of spending the night in a floating hotel, isn’t it amazing? If you are looking for what to see in India to get to know its purest charm, Kerala cannot be missing in your list of destinations.

Floating hotel in Kerala. What to see in India


Goa is the least extensive state in India, but we do not recommend to exclude it from your route for this reason. The truth is that it is a very popular coastal destination: fine sandy beaches, turquoise waters … Its heritage is incredibly diverse because of its strategic position, which has been a place of passage for travelers from different centuries. Up to five languages are spoken in Goa, which also proves the diversity of its population.

Due to its colonial past, you can visit buildings related to Portuguese architecture, such as the Se Cathedral, or linked to Hinduism, such as the Shri Manguesh temple. It is, without a doubt, a destination that will make you realize the diversity of landscapes to see in India.

Some tourists are next to the coastline with their scooters. What to see in India

Havelock Island

If you are looking for things to see in India that are even further away from the typical tourist destinations, we recommend you Havelock Island. It is the largest one of the Ritchie’s Archipelago, located in the Bay of Bengal. This destination stands out for its eco-tourism policy: they seek to preserve the local culture while making it famous, without endangering the cultures and traditions most deeply rooted in the history of the population. This is, therefore, a natural environment full of contrast, since the jungle and the beach are just a few meters away.

Take into account that there are no cars on this island: there is only one road that runs from one end to the other and is used to transport goods to locals. And there is only one hotel! In this corner of the world, you will find the purest paradise that India has to offer.

The richness and extension of this country will allow you to visit unique corners, so explore beyond this list if you want to discover new destinations. For example, you can plan a visit to Varanasi, one of the most religious cities in the world. It is located on the banks of the Ganges river.

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