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10 reasons to travel to Thailand

10 reasons to travel to Thailand

If there is a country that you don’t need reasons to travel to it is, without question, Thailand. The land of smiles, the place that never disappoints, that always exceeds anyone’s expectations; the corner of the world that, despite its tourist popularity, always shows its most welcoming side. That is the definition of Thailand. And if you still have doubts, here are 10 reasons to travel to Thailand.

1. Temples

There is no country like Thailand when it comes to admiring one of its biggest draws: temples. Being a Buddhist country, temples play a key role in the life of Thai people.

Although you should probably visit every one that comes in your way, there are some you should not miss and that we strongly recommend:

  • Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha) – Bangkok: One of the most impressive and renowned temples in the country. Here, you will come to find, as the name suggests, a 46 m long reclining Buddha covered with gold leaves.
  • Sukhothai: More than a temple, the Sukhothai Historical Park is a huge area that accommodates several temples and palaces, which you can wander through on foot, by bike or tuk tuk.
  • Wat Phra Sri Sanphet – Ayutthaya: Having served as model for the temple housing the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet is the most important site in Ayutthaya.
  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep – Chiang Mai: One of the must-go places in the North of Thailand.  We guarantee that you won’t regret climbing its 300-step staircase by the moment you set foot on the top, one of the most beautiful spots in the country.
  • Wat Mahathat – Ayutthaya: Here you will find one of the most symbolic images of Thailand: the Buddha head entwined within the roots of a tree.

Imagen de Ayutthaya, Tailandia.

2. Meeting amazing people

It there is something about Thailand that sticks, it’s its people. Remember that Thailand is known as the land of smiles for a reason, a nickname it has rightfully earned.

Interesting fact: you probably won’t ever see a Thai angry. What is more, any sort of debate-discussion-disagreement is conducted using gentle words and smiles. An agreeable way of holding a debate, right?

Enjoying life and having fun are pretty much mandatory since most Thais believe their fate has already been written, so… why fuss too much about it?

3. Culture

Another reason to travel to Thailand is experiencing the culture of a nation that is remarkable and fascinating for a lot of things. As evidence of that, here you have some trivia that might bring you closer to it:

  • Thais, besides being Buddhists, believe in ghosts.  This is the reason why pretty much all houses have a spirit house, whose location is designated by a monk on the inauguration day.
  • Another detail to take into account is the inability of Thai people to acknowledge that they don’t know something.  This issue, when ascribed to travellers, is a bit tricky because in Thailand, no matter what your question is, you will always receive an answer, whether correct or not. Take everything they say with a grain of salt, their information might not be legit.
  • Patriotism is certainly one of the most striking aspects about Thailand. Thais really love their country, so you won’t find anyone speaking ill of their king or disrespecting his image.


4. Cuisine

If you need a convincing reason to travel to Thailand, it should be its cuisine. Considered one of the best in the world, travelling to Thailand and trying it is for sure a fest for the senses in and of itself.

Our advice is to skip restaurants, as we know them, and let yourself be courted by the fascinating world of street food. Here we can find different levels, from straight-up street food, served from a food cart, to stalls with tables on the side, local restaurants, or noodle bars at shopping centres. And they all have their own trade secrets. We recommend trying them all to experience the explosion of flavours, smells and colours of one of the best cuisines in the world.

5. Landscapes

Landscapes in every possible shade of green. Temples sprinkled around valleys surrounded by statuesque mountains. Cruises in bamboo rafts across rivers flanked by lush vegetation. Archaeological parks where you’ll feel like you are Indiana Jones yourself. Beaches framed in unreal backgrounds that look like they have emerged from a painter’s brush. These are just some things that are waiting for you in one of the most amazing countries you will ever have the chance to visit.

6. Shopping

Another big reason why many people travel to Thailand. Although not the main reason why people travel to Thailand, you should know that shopping sprees are usually an enticement for a lot of tourists.

Small local shops, massive flea markets where you will find pretty much anything you are looking for (Chatuchak in Bangkok is a great example of that), and the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, which is not only a guarantee for great shopping but for a beguiling scene, are just some of the shopping choices available in Thailand.

Souvenirs en Tailandia

7. Massages

If there is something you should definitely try, on a daily basis if possible, is Thai massages. There is nothing more pleasant than putting an end to your day with a leg and foot rub after spending hour on hour walking.

You won’t have problems choosing the place as there are hundreds of them, even in smaller villages. What we do recommend is that you find one that is trustworthy, even if it means that you have to pay a bit more. Looking up on the internet –there are tons of recommendations in travel forums– might help you decide.

8. Tuk tuks, a (really cool) symbol of the country

Everyone will say that pollution here is horrible and that if you travel by tuk tuk it will permeate every pore of your skin. Some might also say that it is a very slow means of transport, although they might not look like that. Others would go as far as to say that it is very tedious to bargain over the fare. You are probably thinking now that travelling by tuk tuk is a onetime thing, but the truth is that it is a really cool and ideal option to move around the country, even for long distances. Still don’t convinced? Try it out and tell us about it.

9. Beaches

All this is great, we are not going to lie, but have you ever thought about Thailand without picturing those pristine and turquoise waters we all associate with paradise?

Phuket is a referent in the country, but our advice is that you avoid the most touristy and crowded beaches and opt for the less popular ones. Krabi is a good option if you want to end your dream holidays in one of those idyllic white-sand beaches surrounded by palm trees.

10. Do you really need more reasons to travel to Thailand?

After everything we have shared with you, do you really need more reasons to travel to Thailand?

Last but not least, remember that in order to enjoy your stay in Thailand you will have to pay in the local currency, the Thai baht. Get it with Global Exchange.

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