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5 tourist hotspot in Switzerland

5 tourist hotspot in Switzerland

Why are we always on the lookout for the same holiday deals? When you ask around where people would like to spend their summer, most of them end up saying the same the thing: beach, beach, beach. But, what is the reason behind this? There is no doubt people are after an idyllic corner of the world where they can relax. Who says there are no places like this in Switzerland?

This country has always been known for the outstanding beauty of its landscapes but its quality is never offered as an outlet for absolute relax. Is there anyone who prefers the mountain in the summer? That’s right, there are other people like you who would rather travel to countries like Switzerland with their friends.

If you have clicked on this post it is because you already had a preconceived notion that this is the kind of destination you would like to travel to with your group of friends. On the basis of this, would you like to learn more the most popular cities among tourists? Then keep reading.

5 Swiss cities for your enjoyment

This country is one of the most important parts of Europe, not only for its thriving economic situation but for its spectacular scenarios worth visiting: tourists hotspots in Switzerland that are perfect for a group of friends who are looking for adventure and sports. Below, some of the most emblematic countries:

  • Zúrich: If there is something singular about this place is its trailblazing condition, for it is always at the forefront of things. It is the biggest city in the whole country and one of the most influencing areas when it comes to European trade.  Besides, it can brag about having the biggest airport in Switzerland. But between all its fabulousness, it is worth highlighting the Museum of Art, a big meeting point for different artistic expressions.
  • Bern. Being the capital of Switzerland, it is one if the cities with the biggest tourist turnout throughout the year. To this we would have to add its most prominent attraction: the city’s old town, declared a World Heritage Site. Pounding the streets to experience the freshness of the views is completed with, for example, a potential visit to the Cathedral. 
  • Geneva. This is just another of the most important cities in the country, further to the west. What can you visit? You’ll sure want to have a look at Lake Geneva if you want to set foot on a stunning piece of land. It wouldn‘t hurt if you went to the Orthodox Church too, a XIX century building that can be spotted from any house. 
  • Zermatt. You sure have heard something about this city and its atmospheric quality: it is an environmentally friendly city, invested in renewable energies. So much so that no cars propelled by polluting materials can be driven around the city, only electric cars can. Things to see? The best thing you can do is take a gondola ride to the Alps. 
  • Lucerne. Located in the central area of Switzerland, it provides tourists with the most wonderful medieval background, mixed with the purest form of nature. If there is something that really sticks about this city is its magic. It was the most influential city in foreign trade but a war degraded its status.

Now you know the best tourist hotspots in Switzerland

We hope you enjoyed this post, which was entirely designed for you and your willingness to travel to Switzerland with your friends. You will probably not be disappointed with what it can offer, to the point of being unforgettable; a big part of your life even. It is important that you exchange your currency on time, which is why we mention the website of Global Exchange.

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