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Soundtrack for a trip to Las Vegas

Soundtrack for a trip to Las Vegas

When we talk about travelling to the United States we tend to exaggerate the value of certain cities, starting with the overexcitement that New York provokes, leading to an underestimation of cities that are not so salient, such as Houston. This is why it is so crucial to attribute to cities such as Las Vegas or Los Angeles the importance that they really have. Travelling for pleasure is just like a good soundtrack: it has follow a theme. And just as any good piece of music, a journey has to have a harmony, because the slightest unexpected change might put the traveller completely off.

In this post we are suggesting two things that will help you find the kind of trip you are looking forward to go on with your partner: a great list of songs from movies, along with the top recommended pitstops in Las Vegas. It might be a big of a challenge, but we will make it to the end together.

Music on your way to Vegas

One of the things that most recurring travellers agree upon is being able to move by car: they tend to choose this option over plane or boat. Why? It makes sense that they find pleasure in driving that many kilometres, but of course, departing from the United States. Are you ready to cross the promised land?

Designated soundtrack: Across the Universe by The Beatles, from the movie by the same title. 1. Visit the biggest hotels in the world. And not only the biggest, but the highest quality too. In Las Vegas, the high rates of rooms equal the service offered. If your intention is to book for one or several nights you can choose the option that best suits you from among 15,000 rooms. There is basically a hotel for each style, representing a famous city in the world: Paris, New York, etc.

2. Attend the best international shows. Las Vegas is known as the city of entertainment and fun. There are plenty of symbolic shows, but special attention should be put on the performances of Cirque du Soleil or those commemorating deceased stars such as Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson. Besides, you will be able to enjoy an unparalleled array of shows you won’t find any other place, such as concerts from world-famous artists such as Céline Dion or Rod Stewart. There are tons of free and paid shows that Las Vegas at your disposal.

Designated soundtrack: Night fever by the Bee Gees from the 1977 movie Saturday night fever.

3. Don’t miss the Grand Canyon. It is the ultimate symbol of Las Vegas. So much so that people visit the city just for the sake of going to the Grand Canyon. If you are travelling to Nevada, you cannot miss this natural wonder, which is not even far from the city centre. There are plenty of transportation options (car, helicopter, etc.) and you can also participate in a tour that will take you over a glass floor hanged over 1,000 metres above the ground. It doesn’t matter if you go alone, because the Grand Canyon is still worthy of any compliment, but if you are travelling with your partner, there is also room for romanticism.

Designated soundtrack: As time goes by by Frank Sinatra from the 1942 movie Casablanca.

4. Wandering through the city centre is, without a doubt, one of the best alternatives for sightseeing, and also a fundamental activity to visit most places in the big cities. At Freemont Street Experience you’ll find all shows you can possibly imagine, under a 12-million-LEDs barrel vault canopy.

Designated soundtrack: Princes of the universe by Queen from the 1986 movie Highlander.

5. Don’t stop yourself from going shopping in the assortment of stores this city has prepared for you. If you intend on spending a bit of money, you can’t miss your change of purchasing some goodies at Premium Outlet shopping mall. You’ll come across big brands such as Dolce & Gabanna, Diesel, Victoria Secret or Armani. Bear in mind that you won’t find these expensive items at your regular store.

Designated soundtrack: You can leave your hat on by Joe Cocker, from the 1986 movie 9 1/2 weeks.

Are you ready to have the time of your life with your partner in Vegas?  Now you have seen for yourself that «Sin city» doesn’t necessarily mean games, games, and more games. There are a lot of succulent options that have nothing to do with vice. If you plan to travel with your significant other, you will be able to make it thanks to these travel tips. And if you are worried by currency exchange, don’t sweat it! As we said, at Global Exchange we’ve got you covered.

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