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10 reasons to travel to Morocco

10 reasons to travel to Morocco

The truth is, actually, we need no reason to want to travel to Morocco. The mere mention of its name makes us feel an urge to get there. But if you still need a reason to get to Morocco, here you have 10.

1. To enjoy an exotic culture in a nearby country.

Morocco is the ideal place to enjoy the exoticness of an African country without needing to travel too far away, as the country is very close to Spain. You’ll put your feel on Moroccan land in a few hours by air and you’ll be ready to enjoy the endless opportunities that the country has on offer.

Imagen de Marruecos.

2. To taste the cuisine.

If there is something you cannot cut out of the picture if you go to Morocco is the cuisine. Enjoy an orange juice in Djemaa el-Fna (Marrakesh), buy a handful of olives from the market or sit down in a patio to enjoy a delicious tajine that will make some of the most delicious memories of your trip. And these are only a few of the infinite options offered by Moroccan cuisine. And of course we can’t forget breakfasts or pastry… We could talk for hours about one of the most comprehensive cuisines in the world.

Plato de comida en Marruecos.

3. To break down the prejudices about the country.

As usual, Morocco is a country about which we have lots of preconceptions, some of them not true at all. And the best way to find out what is true and what not is travelling to the country. We’re sure that you’ll change for sure your point of view: What you think it was awesome, it is even better. Where you thought you would be surprised, you will be awed. If you thought you could lose your nerves, you will, for sure –and maybe even more than once. That’s Morocco, a country to live with all five senses.

Imagen de un zoco en Marruecos.

4. To discover Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakesh and the rest of medinas.

If there is something you cannot miss in any city, whether Marrakesh or any other–such as Agadir, Ouarzazate or Tangier– are the medinas and souks. There is no better place to know the reality of the country, its culture, chat with the locals, try their food and live the normal life in there that we miss sometimes when we limit ourselves to the must-see highlights. Spend a few hours in the bazaar, you’ll be surprised. When in Marrakesh bear in mind that bazaars are very touristy, so they are usually overcrowded and traders can get a little insistent.

Imagen de un zoco en Marruecos.

5. To do some shopping.

We know, it’s not all about shopping. And this should be actually something minor in your trip, but… What would it be of Morocco without its shops and souks? Let’s admit it, isn’t it nice to stop by some shops, ready to spending several hours with a cup of mint tea a to score a top bargain for that lovely tea set you spotted?

Imagen de un zoco en Marruecos

6. To spend the night under the stars in the desert.

One of the main reasons to travel to Morocco is spending one or more nights in the desert. This is something you cannot do in other countries, while here you can hire a tour from a big city or arrange it on our own. Can you imagine? Sleeping among the dunes, under a starry sky as a ceiling? Well, you can do that, and in Morocco it is easier than you think.

7. To route the Kasbahs.

If there is a route in Morocco you cannot miss, is the Kasbahs route, citadels built in adobe and scattered across the landscapes of the Great South of Morocco that represent the Berber culture.

The most well-known in Morocco is Ait Ben Hadou, declared as Heritage of Humanity in 1987, offering a unique experience where we can get into this ksar and walk its narrow adobe alleys.

Another spot in the route is Kasbah Taourit, considered as one of the best-preserved monuments in the country.

Imagen de Ait Ben Haddou, en la Ruta de las Kasbahs

8. Get lost in Essaouira streets.

We can’t deny that Marrakesh is a major city and one of the most popular ones in Morocco, but nearby city of Essaouira shouldn’t be neglected either. This serene spot in the Atlantic Moroccan coast has become one of the most enticing and unique places in the country. An extraordinary place to escape the busy life of Marrakesh and let be carried away by the peace and friendliness of Moroccan people.

Imagen de las calles de Essaouira

9. To get lost in the intense blue of Chefchaouen.

If we had to choose a beautiful, charming place we could say Chefchaouen or Chaouen, as it was named when founded by the berbers. Or the blue town, as it is known today due to the distinctive blue colour in which the houses are painted. Definitely worth to explore.

10. To travel the country, from top to bottom.

And here comes the big reason to come to Morocco: Travel the country from top to bottom, as this is the best way to know one of the most astonishing and magical places in the world. It is so close, are you really going to miss it? This is Morocco, an incredible country that offers a unique present to the traveller: the pleasure of discovering its ancient secrets.


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