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The best spots to party in Salamanca

The best spots to party in Salamanca

Besides the Salamanca known for its monuments, museums and history, we can find another more alternative version with a tour through non-tourist activities. Now, putting an end to daytime visits, we will focus on the Salamancan night and the best places to go out in the city.

With 25,000 students enrolled in the University of Salamanca, the night life is as active, or even more, as the daytime, and it spreads out for several areas close to Plaza Mayor, which are perfectly accessible on foot.

Be it after class or after a long day of sightseeing, if you think it is still early to go back to the hotel or residence hall, you are absolutely right: nights in Salamanca are long, as the majority of bars are open until four o’clock in the morning and clubs do not close until seven.

In a city like Salamanca even its pubs reflect its history with a decoration thoroughly studied. Besides the music, drinks and good environment, the Salamancan nightlife should be included in the guides just as an excuse for tourists to see some of the bars from the inside.

Gran Vía area

In this street and its proximities, bars with over 20 years of activity and that, generation after generation, have filled the Salamancan nights with good moments are still up for partying. Some of the classics that cannot be missing in a tour through the city’s nightlife are:

El Puerto de Chus

From Plaza Mayor we can walk a few metres up to our first stop: ‘El Puerto’. Yes, you are reading this right: Salamanca has a night port where many decide to stop for a drink. In this bar it is not difficult to imagine being in one of those alleys with businesses and two-storey wooden houses so characteristic of ports.

Imagen del Puerto de Chus.

Gran Café Moderno

With more than 30 years of history, “El Moderno” has lived the nightlife unlike any other bar in Salamanca, to the rhythm of well-chosen music and in a very good environment. Contrary to what its name implies, its exposed-bricked interior and its antique style transports us to past times. A pub where you can spend a good time with friends and enjoy live music.

Imagen de El Gran Café Moderno


Very close to the Gran Café Moderno there is another classic pub in Salamanca. Since the early 80s, this bar still preserves parts of a real submarine among its nautical-style decoration.

Íscar Peyra and Bordadores area


Imagen de Camelot.

Calle Bordadores is one of the favourites among foreign students, and Camelot the most famous club in Salamanca. A classic since 1986, it breaks the mould of dance floors by being located in a section of Las Úrsulas Convent. A metallic sign with the name of the club anticipates what we will find after the entrance arch. We were not wrong: stone, iron and shields constitute the purest medieval style of the place. Columns, pulpit, altar, music… it is no longer a church, it’s the Camelot!

Besides the Camelot, between the streets Íscar Peyra and Bordadores there are pubs and clubs for all preferences, such as La Perla Negra, Zhivago, Gatsby, Capitolium, La Hacienda or Niebla.

Cvm Lavde

Cvm Lavde is one of the most popular clubs in the city. Its dance floor is unique: a room that recreates the Plaza Mayor, with its stone arches and even the medallions. Whether you are of those people who party until dawn or not, stepping in here is a full experience in itself: live shows, events and lots of music take place within the cloister of the Cvm Lavde.

Irish Rover Theatre

The Irish Rover is not just a regular Irish pub. Facing La Clerecía, we come across a café that is transformed into a nightclub at night, without disregarding live shows and Erasmus parties. And as in any Irish den, you can always have a Guinness. Quiet during the day and busy at night, this recreation of a classic Irish theatre is an internationally renowned place unlike any other in Salamanca and it is another essential in the nights of foreign students, along with the Camelot.

North of Plaza Mayor

We are going to move away to the north of Plaza Mayor, because there are three places that we must not leave out.

Posada de las ánimas

Probably the most special café-pub in the city: party with a psychedelic touch emanating from a decoration and lighting that create a unique environment. ‘La Posada’ blends a house doll, little angels and skulls in style.

Imagen de la Posada de las Ánimas

Lastly, we will walk a few more metres to arrive to Birdland. In a beautiful building designed by the same architect as The Lis House, there is more music than party. It is a place specialised in jazz known for its live night shows. Not far from there, there is a completely different place: La Bibliotheca, which does justice to its name.

Litre bars

We have left to end what usually comes first in the Salamanca nights: litres. It is common in university cities to start drinking in these kind of bars. Plaza de la Tuca (Plaza San Juan Bautista) is where the party starts for many youngsters with beer and kalimotxo litres at very low prices.

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