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Original travellers you can follow on Instragam

Original travellers you can follow on Instragam

Instagram has open a door to the most original amateur photographers in all fields, although those devoted to travelling are the most successful.  So, here is a post with 10 Instragram accounts of travellers that not only capture reality with their lense but give their photographs a unique touch that will make you smile on more than one ocassion.

1. The Lego Backpacker

On the Instagram account The Lego Backpacker (@thelegobackpacker) you will find a comical LEGO minifigure travelling the world.  You will see him, for instance, cheering for the London marathon runners, taking pictures of Casa Batlló in Barcelona or feeling a bit overwhelemed by people at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Imagen de la Piazza del Duomo, en Italia, de The Lego Backpacker

2. Rich McCor

The Instagram profile of this photographer from London (@paperboyo), who has over 152,000 followers already, includes pictures of some of the most emblematic places in the world that now can be contemplated from a different perspective by means of a paper cutout, which becomes a vector to tell stories.

Imagen de Londres de Rich McCor

3. Gérard Trang

From Paris, Gérard Trang demonstrates on his Instagram profile (@superchinois801) that pictures from places we are used to seeing might look completely different just for the way he is able to encapsulate their essence. After checking his profile, you will realise that there is another way of perceiving reality.

Imagen del Mont Saint Michel de Gerard Trang

4. Darryll Jones

Just as in the first example –The Lego Backpacker– the photographer and designer Darryl Jones captures the whereabouts of his inseparable Stormtropper Eric and posts it on his instragram account (@darrylljones). Besides social networks, you can follow Eric’s adventures on his website Haveyouseeneric.

Imagen de Darryll Jones

5. Girl Eat World

What if we learn about other countries throught their food? This is what Melissa suggests, the person behind Girl Eat the World (@girleatworld). With food always in the foreground, she captures different corners of the world. And this, further from stealing her spotlight, gives her a rather distinguished character.

Imagen de Girl Eat World en China

6. Lens between us

An Australian couple, each with a lens in their hands taking a picture of each other. This is what you’ll see on the profile of Lens between us (@lensbetweenus), conceived by two creative minds that decided to resign from their jobs, where they met, and embark on a photographic project as original as this. This has led to accumulating almost 20,000 followers on Instagram and incredibly singular pictures in their portfolio.

Imagen de Lens Between Us en Instagram.

7. World Traveling Feet

The famous feetposing has been trending on Instagram pretty much since the inception of this social network and it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon. Something similar to this is what occupies Karla, the Mexican girl behind World Traveling Feet (@worldtravelingfeet), who has decided to show her feet globetrotting around the world. And it makes a whole lot of sense, because if they are not the stars, then who is?

Imagen del Arco Adriano, en Jerash, de World Traveling Feet.

8. Kelly Lund

If I were to tell you about Kelly Lund, you would probably say his name doesn’t ring a bell. However, if I mentioned a Siberian husky lying on a hammock, a picture of a beautiful dog in multiple destinations would probably come to your mind. His owner, Kelly Lund (@shark_toof), always travels with his inseparable and loyal four-legged companion.

Imagen de Kelly Lund en California

9. Salta conmigo

Who doesn’t have a least one picture of themselves jumping in one of their trips?  For me, this kind of picture is kind of addictive. But if you want to meet someone who really does a fantastic job at it (I usually need about 200 attempts to take a decent picture), don’t miss the profile Salta Conmigo (@saltaconmigo), which has almost 15,500 followers.

Imagen de Kylemore Abbey, de Saltaconmigo

10. Murad Ossman

Yes, the pictures of this Russian photographer and the hand and back of his girlfriend, the model of same nationality Natalia Zakharova, travelling around the world are quite trite but I could not miss the chance of referencing them because of how much I like their project. From his hand, or better put, hers, we will traverse multiple destinations with pictures that follow the same pattern, but with a changing background, achieving the effect sought after by its author. More than 4 million Instagram followers (@muradosmann) are solid evidence of the fact that their idea works.

Imagen de Murad Ossman

If you also considering giving a try to photography and posting pictures from your trips on Instagram, remember that each country has their own currency. Exchange yours at Global Exchange and focus only on your pictures.

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