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The most interesting squares in the world

The most interesting squares in the world

Town squares are unique places. Both in big cities and in small villages, they are the central point of any town. They are places where you meet, where you have fun, where you spend time. In short, they are places where you live fully.

There is a vast number of legendary squares throughout the world, but we are going to select some of the most moving ones. We always have them in our mind because we have lived unique experiences in them.

Jamma el-Fna, Marrakesh (Morocco)

If there is one place that sums up perfectly everything you can enjoy and discover in the city of Marrakesh, it is its large square Jamma el-Fna.

It is a meeting place, both for locals and for tourists from all over the world. Here we can discover curious street vendors who sell almost anything, from exotic fruits to second-hand teeth. Moreover, we can also see the most original shows: snake charmers, fire-swallowers or experts training monkeys are just some of the people that we can bump into in this peculiar square.

Plaza de la Constitución, Mexico City (Mexico)

This square is also known as the Zócalo and it is considered as the most important place in Mexico City. It is huge; it covers almost 47000 square metres. It is known as Plaza de la Constitución in honour of the first Spanish Constitution, published in Cádiz in 1812.

Here we can discover some of the most important buildings of the city, such as the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace or commercial areas such as the Old Portal de Mercaderes.

One of the things that draws your attention the most is the giant Mexico flag located in the centre of the square, proudly dominating the place.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid (Spain)

In Madrid there is nothing more authentic and traditional than its Plaza Mayor. Here local people and tourists come together to enjoy its atmosphere, its terraces and the traditional squid sandwiches that can be eaten at any of the bars surrounding the square.

It’s in the most beautiful area of Madrid, the neighbourhood called “of the Austrians”, and it is an arcaded square that has lived it all, from bullfights to the coronation of great kings. Moreover, here you can find the Tourist Information Centre, where they will provide you with any information you need to enjoy to the most the Spanish capital.

A statue of Philip II dominates the Plaza Mayor, in honour to this regent that made Madrid the capital of Spain.

Red Square, Moscow (Russia)

It’s the most famous square of all the Russian capital and it is in the historic merchant quarter known as Kitay-górod.

Most of the streets of Moscow originate from this square, in the cover image, so it is considered as the centre of the city and of the whole country.

It’s one of the most beautiful squares in the world, with the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the very popular Lenin’s Mausoleum or the Kremlin, a complex of civil and religious buildings.

Taksim Square, Istanbul (Turkey)

It’s situated in the European part of Istanbul, one of the most famous cities of Turkey. It’s one of the most lively areas of the city, because in its surroundings we can find many restaurants, clothes shops and a variety of hotels. It’s the epicentre of modernity in Istanbul and it has become a symbol of the future of the city. This square pays tribute to the Republic with a big monument.

Plaza Independencia, Montevideo (Uruguay)

This square is located in the city of Montevideo, in Uruguay. It separates Ciudad Vieja from the city centre. In the centre of the square you can see the Artigas Mausoleum, an equestrian statue of José Gervasio Artigas and in one end of the square it’s Palacio Salvo, considered one of the most beautiful buildings of the city. Another imposing building of this square is the Executive Tower, where the national government works. A curious detail: its 33 palm trees represent the 33 orientals that participated in the country’s liberation.

Sculpture Park, Medellín (Colombia)

In the centre of the “Pink City”, as the city of Medellín is known, you can find this symbolic square.

Here you will discover a large number of giant sculptures that make this square an open-air museum. The pieces of art are modern and innovative.

This square is also known as the “Botero Plaza”, because this artist is the creator of the 23 sculptures displayed around the square. It is one of the most peculiar places in Colombia, thanks to the donation that the artist Fernando Botero made to the city. It could be called Art Square because in this same place it’s also located the important Museum of Antioquia.

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