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How much money you’ll need in a trip to Uruguay

How much money you’ll need in a trip to Uruguay

Bordered by the two giants Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is definitely worth a visit to grab a taste of the wonderful South American region. Make sure you’ll have enough time to get lost in the capital Montevideo, the popular Punta del Este and other spots you cannot miss such as Termas del Daymán.

Also, make sure you calculate your budget properly so you can enjoy your time there to the fullest. And precisely to this end, we have prepared this post that will help you figure out how much money you will need for your trip to Uruguay.

Uruguayan Peso

Official currency in Uruguay is the Uruguayan peso, whose symbol is «$» and ISO code «UYU». When travelling to this country you will Imagen de un peso uruguayofind banknotes of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 Uruguayan Pesos and coins of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 50 pesos. The Central Bank of Uruguay issues this currency.

To get your Uruguayan pesos, you have two options: buying it at any Global Exchange branch near you (present in quite a few countries and also online) or getting it upon your arrival to Uruguay.

How much will I pay for…

Let’s assume that you have already made your mind, you are ready to pack for Uruguay and you have your travel money with you. Now let’s see how much you’ll pay for your staples there*.


To get around in Uruguay, you’ve got a choice of means of transport here, such as bus, car or ferry (very useful to get to Argentina, by the way). If you want to make some savings on your budget, then go and try hitchhiking. But if this is not your preferred way of moving around, here you have some hints of how much other alternatives will cost you:

  • Renting a small car for a day: 2,500 Uruguayan pesos / 86 American dollars / 81 euros.  Try Sixt, Europcar or Avis. Roads are reliable, as they are constructed under high quality standards.
  • One litre of unleaded gasoline: 45 Uruguayan pesos / 1.55 American dollars / 1.46 euros.
  • A one-way ticket in public transport: 30 Uruguayan pesos / 1 American dollar / 0.97 euros. Buses are well conditioned and many cities have coach stations for intercity buses.

Imagen del interior de un autobús en Montevideo, Uruguay.

  • A taxi from Carrasco International Airport to downtown Motevideo (some 40 minute journey): 1,420 Uruguayan pesos / 49 American dollars / 46 euros. 

Eating and drinking

Roast, grilled beef and chivito, (a sandwich-style dish consisting of meat, ham, cheese and other ingredients), are some of the traditional dishes you can taste in this country. Have a look at the prices for these standard meals:

  • A burger menu:  250 Uruguayan pesos / 8.6 American dollars / 8.12 euros.
  • Lunch at an average restaurant:  852 to 1,420 Uruguayan pesos / 29.4 to 49 American dollars / 28 to 46 euros.
  • Dinner at an average restaurant:  1,420 to 2,129 Uruguayan pesos / 49-73 American dollars / 28 to 69 euros.
  • Chivito for one:  400 Uruguayan pesos / 14 American dollars / 13 euros.

Imagen de un plato de chivito uruguayo.

  • Roast for one:  450 Uruguayan pesos / 15.5 American dollars / 15 euros.
  • A beer in a pub:  85 Uruguayan pesos / 3 American dollars / 2.8 euros.
  • A cup of coffee:  60 Uruguayan pesos / 2.1 American dollars / 2 euros.


Are you looking for a nice, comfy room or you’d be ready to save on it to keep prices down? You should allow yourself more or less depending on your taste, but here’s an idea of how much you’ll spend in…

  • A twin room in an average hotel, breakfast included: 2,250 Uruguayan pesos / 78 American dollars / 73 euros.
  • A bed in a hostel in downtown Montevideo, in a mixed dorm for 6, breakfast included:  629 Uruguayan pesos / 22 American dollars / 21 euros.
  • Renting a two-room flat in an average area of Motevideo (monthly price):  25,000 Uruguayan pesos / 863 American dollars / 812 euros.

Imagen de una casa en Uruguay.


Both in the capital Montevideo as well as in many other Uruguayan cities, you will find a leisure activity suiting your preferences –ranging from theatre to cinema, as well as big night clubs, discos and concert venues

  • A ticket to the movies:  150 Uruguayan pesos / 5.2 American dollars / 4.9 euros.
  • A drink at a bar or nightclub:  284 Uruguayan pesos / 9.8 American dollars /9 euros.
  • A ticket to a major museum, such as the Juan Manuel Blanes Museum of the Arts or the Museo de la Memoria. Nevertheless, remember that many of them are free.  70 Uruguayan pesos / 2.4 American dollars / 2.3 euros.

Imagen del Museo de Bellas Artes Juan Manuel Blanes, en Montevideo.

  • Buy a daily newspaper like El Observador: 70 Uruguayan pesos / 2.4 American dollars / 2.3 euros.

To sum up, total budget per person and day, provided that you are moving around in a rental car, sleeping in a hotel and that you go for some of the leisure activities mentioned above, would be approximately UYU 5,564 (USD 194/EUR 187). If you opt for a round ticket in public transport, then the average budget would be of 4,634 Uruguayan pesos (162 American dollars/156 euros).

Where to exchange currency in Uruguay

As we mentioned earlier, you can exchange your currency into Uruguayan pesos in the same country. Global Exchange, third leading foreign exchange company in sourcing foreign exchange services worldwide is present in different locations in Uruguay, ranging from airports to boats, in Motevideo port and Colonia de Sacramento Port (in the boats «Francisco», «Silvia Ana L.», «Eladia

Check the exact location in the map:

And if you are already there and you plan on changing money upon your arrival (or your coming back home), we will make it easier with a 15% on the margin applied to your change at any of the Paraguay  branches. To benefit from the discount, show this coupon at the branch and start your trip off on the right foot.

*Prices have been taken in Montevideo for reference purposes as of December 2016. Price differences can be significant between different regions in the country. Popular cities such as Punta del Este usually have heftier prices.

Photos: tpsdave, Pixies, Montecruz Foto, Matt Rubens y Jonas de Carvalho.

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