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Geneva: shopping next to Lake Geneva

Geneva: shopping next to Lake Geneva

If we think about European cities for going shopping during a trip, we will probably think about Paris, London or Milan. Only a few will include Geneva, in Switzerland, on that list.

However, despite its small size, this city is a worthy rival for the most important commercial cities of the old continent. In its streets you can find elegant jewelry shops, beautiful antiques shops or attractive vintage shops.

Here we will present you a selection of shops that will delight those travellers who love going shopping in every city they visit.

Clock and watch shops

Geneva is a world leader in the manufacture and sale of clocks and watches, activity that dates back to the 17th century. Firms such as Patek Phillippe, Frank Muller, Swatch, Omega o Piaget can be found at their shops.

If you want to buy a watch of one of this well-known Swiss firms or of other international ones, you can find them at these shops, all of them located in or around the elegant Rue de Rhône .

Piaget Boutique Geneva
OMEGA Boutique Geneve, one of the most prestigious firms in the in the world of watchmaking.
Boutique Cartier Genève, watches and jewellery for people with a good credit card.
Swatch, a firm affordable for everyone.


If there is a single product that everyone associates with Switzerland, it probably is chocolate. You just have to walk around Geneva to find here and there beautiful chocolate shops perfect for having a coffee or, even better, for buying Swiss chocolates to take home as a souvenir.

There are many shops for buying this treat, here we leave you some of them:

  • Du Rhône Chocolatier has been elaborating delicious chocolates in Geneva since 1875. Its local has a cafe area and big counters in which they show their delicacies on sale. If you can’t decide on what to eat, the best idea is to ask for advice.
  • The beautiful boxes of Sprüngli Bongénie Grieder Geneva are a great gift themselves. For more than 175 years this candy shop has pleased clients from all over the world with their exquisite delicacies made of Swiss chocolate. Will you resist the temptation?
  • You have to go to Auer Chocolatier, even if it’s only to see their beautiful shop at the centre of Geneva. But once you are inside, resisting to the attractive chocolates displayed everywhere is almost impossible.


It is true that not everybody likes cheese, but if you are one of those that love it, you won’t be able to resist the temptation to visit some of these shops that sell the best Swiss cheeses, including the best ones for a fondue. However, taking them home in your suitcase is not the best idea, especially if you don’t want your clothes to be a little bit smelly.

  • La Fromagerie de Genève. In this little shop you will find cheeses and wines perfect for the best fondue.
  • Au Gruyère is a shop specialising in dairy products. They sell cheeses for fondue, raclette and, of course, the gruyère cheese that gives its name to the shop.


If you are looking for typical souvenirs from Switzerland, you can also find them in Geneva. There are many shops near the Geneva Lake to buy anything from a magnet to a fantastic cuckoo clock.

Alptitude is a big shop where you can buy Swiss army knives, an stuffed St Bernard dog, t-shirts, key-chains or mugs with the Swiss flag. It’s a good place to get some souvenirs for those who are waiting for us to come home.

Vintage fashion

If you like vintage fashion and you are in Geneva, you can’t miss Rue des Paquis. This street is packed with vintage clothes and accessories. However, two of the most attractive shops to look for mother-style clothes are La Fiancée du Crocodile and Premium Vintage. In the first one you can find garments made between 1930 and 1950, as well as jewellery and accessories made between 1940 and 1960. The second shop is specialising in big fashion brands. They offer used clothing and accessories, but all in perfect conditions for those women who want to have a Chanel coat or a Luis Vuitton bag at a reasonable prize.

Those are our suggestions for going shopping in Geneva. Do you know any other shop in this city worth a visit?

Where can I change my money for the trip?

For going shopping in Geneva you will have to pay in their local currency, the Swiss franc. With Global Exchange you can exchange it for your currency either before leaving or once you are in the capital, since some Global Exchange Switzerland currency exchange offices are available there.

And if you are already there, we will make it easier with a 15% on the margin applied to your change at any of the Swiss branches. To benefit from the discount, show this coupon at the branch and start your trip off on the right foot.

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