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5 classic destinations that will not disappoint you

5 classic destinations that will not disappoint you

There are some countries that all of us, or at least most of us, think about when daydreaming about travelling. However, often times, because they are such stereotypical destinations, we forget about their relevance or interest beyond what makes them famous, and thus we set them aside for the future, thinking that they might disappoint us. This is just a small selection of classic trips, but we are confident that you have probably thought about going to some of them at least once.


Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in the world, although not for that less recommendable; it’s quite the opposite actually. This is one of the countries where anything you have seen or heard, once you are there, will be realised.  Thailand always delivers.

Thailand offers a perfect combination of cities, with Bangkok at the top of the list, amazing landscapes –take Chiang Mai, for example–, archaeological sites, such as Ayuthaya or Sukothai, and idyllic beaches, especially the ones in the area of Krabi. All this makes Thailand one of the most cost-effective countries in the world, as well as one of the most visited.  Despite the fact that this is a country that is receiving tons of tourists lately, it is still possible to find enclaves that are less crowded. We just have to avoid the most popular tourist routes and find out for ourselves why they call it the «land of smiles».

Imagen de Tailandia

If you don’t want to spend too much on accommodation, in Bangkok, we recommend that you get settled in Kao San street, an area for backpackers, crammed full with bars, restaurants, shops and hostels, where you can find rooms for 5 euros a night that give a run for their money to any 5-star hotel.

Although if you want to treat yourself to a nice hotel, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is one of the most iconic, exotic and luxurious in the city.

And before leaving Bangkok, surrender yourself to the greatest views of the city from Sirocco restaurant, a renowned establishment in the city.

The legal tender in Thailand is the Thai baht, so you will have to exchange yours before travelling to this country.


How many of us have started out as travellers with the ubiquitous and long-hyped cruise+circuit across Egypt?

Imagen de las Pirámides de Gizeh, en Egipto

Surely there are a lot of us who have taken this trip but only a few who would not recommend this as an essential destination for anyone who likes travelling.
This is the kind of trip everyone dreams of as a child when looking at the pictures of the Pyramids of Giza in your regular encyclopaedia.

The easiest thing, and most of the times most affordable, is hiring a package tour, but if you are travelling on your own, fear not, Egypt is a country that will accommodate to your way of travelling. Whatever your choice is, remember that you will need to pay in Egyptian pounds.

In Egypt you’ll find plenty of options for accommodation, but if what you are after is something special, do not miss out on the experience of spending a night in the renowned Old Cataract, in Aswan, where you can follow the footsteps of some of its most legendary guests, such as Winston Churchill or Agatha Christie.

Your time here in the Nubia desert, a region located along the Nile river and opposite the Elephantine island, which will leave you feeling like you are in a movie set, will be legendary.

There is no doubt that if Egypt is one of the most amazing countries in the world, being able to spend a night in a place with so much history as this one will turn this trip into a unique experience.


Rome, the Eternal City, is also one of those destinations that continue to be in the lists of any traveller.

Imagen de la Fontana de Trevi, en Roma

This is one of those cities that still make it into the top ten destinations in Europe. Places with history, outstanding hidden corners and a delicious cuisine make this city the perfect destination for a getaway.

Every year more than two and a half million Spaniards choose Italy, especially Rome, as their preferred destination to spend the holidays, and even more so since many low cost companies have included this destination in their itineraries and it is easy to fly to Rome for just a few euros.

If you want to put the icing on the cake with this trip to Rome, you can stay at Palazzo Manfredi, a unique place with the greatest views to the always impressive Roman Coliseum, which is sure to leave you with the best image of the Eternal City.

And given that the Italian cuisine is one of the finest in the world, you cannot fail to try it in some of the best restaurants in Rome, such as Da Enzo 29, in Trastevere, which has become such an institution in the city by blending great food and affordable prices.


Jordan is one of those intoxicating countries,  bursting with stories monopolized by Lawrence of Arabia and national treasures like the amazing Petra.

Unfortunately, despite being the kind of trip that many dream of taking, the fact that it is located in the Near East, which is known for being an unstable area, explains why over the last few year it is receiving less and less tourists than it deserves.

Imagen de Jordania

We would go as far as to saying that if Jordan was any other place in the world, it would be at the top of the list with the most visited countries. But don’t forget that what they say is not always true: Jordan, in broad terms, is a very safe country.

If you are looking for a fascinating and unique place in Petra, you can’t miss the Cave Bar, in the Crowne Plaza Resort, one of the most unusual bars in the world, build in a 2,000-year-old tomb excavated in rock.

This has become a meeting point for many travellers, being both a cosy space for cold nights and a place where you can get some fresh air in summer days.

Regarding their currency, you will have to pay in Jordanian dinars, legal tender in the country.


Paris, known as «the most romantic city in the world», is also one of the most common destinations in and outside of Europe. The «city of love» or «city of light» are just of the nicknames it receives.  Paris is the kind of city that does not disappoint.

Bohemian scene in Montmartre, restaurants and bars in the Latin Quarter, shopping in the Champs-Élysées, peacefulness in Île Saint-Louis… Paris, has it all. Paris, mon amour.

Museo del Louvre, París

And there is nothing better to end the Parisian session than having a dinner cruise across the Seine with one of the many companies offering this kind of service in the city. You can choose between Bateaux Parisiens, whose entirely glass-encased boats will give you the most amazing views of the city, or River Limousine, with boats in the style of wooden Venetian boats, offering a private cruise with a complimentary bottle of champagne and sweets.

If you want to end your stay in Paris on a high note, do not forget to drop by the Moulin Rouge, a Parisian establishment that celebrates its 125 anniversary this year and where you can catch one of its many shows on display. Dinner is included.

It is not the most affordable option in the city, but it is, hands down, a unique experience.

Cover image: Rome.

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