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Currency exchange branches in Nicaragua

Currency exchange branches in Nicaragua

The land where the poet Rubén Darío was born is also a country where you can enjoy nature in all its splendour, all it can offer you and a great multiculturalism; but do you know which currency you’ll need to move around? This post is about the córdoba oro, the currency of Nicaragua, more commonly known as Nicaraguan córdoba, and about where you can find currency exchange branches in that country.

The córdoba oro was created in 1912 and named after Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, one of the Spanish conquerors of Nicaragua. Nowadays, the coins in circulation are of 0.05 córdobas oro, 0.10 córdobas oro, 0.25 córdobas oro, 0.5 córdobas oro, 1 córdoba oro, 5 córdobas oro and 10 córdobas oro; and the banknotes in circulation are of 10 córdobas oro, 20 córdobas oro, 50 córdobas oro, 100 córdobas oro, 200 córdobas oro and 500 córdobas oros. Anyway, in Nicaragua, you can pay both in córdobas oro and in US dollars.

Where can I exchange my currency?

Once you’re in Nicaragua, you could exchange your currency for córdobas oro in any of the five currency exchange branches that Global Exchange has in that country.

  1. Currency exchange branches at the Augusto César Sandino of Managua International Airport (km 11 North Highway, Managua). In this airport, previously named International Airport of Managua, which is 11 km away from downtown Managua, Global Exchange offers travellers currency exchange services in four branches. The airport has approximately 100 flights operated per day, which connect with the United States, Central America, Mexico, Panama and the Nicaraguan Atlantic coast.
  2. Currency exchange branch in Granada (Calle Real Jalteva, opposite corner to the Gran Francia Hotel). In terms of size, Granada is the second most important city of Nicaragua and offers a great variety of tourist attractions.

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