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Billund, LEGO homeland

Billund, LEGO homeland

If you hear about Billund, you probably wouldn’t be able to place it in a map. But if we talk about LEGOLAND® park in Denmark, it may ring a bell. Whether you’re into travelling or into roller-coasters, you should keep on reading this post to transport yourself to this region of Jutland.

How to get to Billund

From Spain, you’ll be able to find inexpensive flights with Ryanair to Billund airport, where you can have your currency exchanged in one of the branches that Global Exchange recently opened there—official currency in the country is the Danish Krone.

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Once in the airport, you’ll be just one-kilometre away from LEGOLAND®.

If on the contrary you want to go to Copenhagen, you should get the train to Vejle for a 2-hour journey to the capital. The fare is 360 Krones (about 48 Euros). Once there, you’ll have to catch bus number 143 (takes around 40 minutes) and will cost you about 34 Krones (4.5 Euros).

For further information about transport in Denmark, check Danish website Rejseplanen (there is an app version available).

Imagen de un tren de LEGOLAND

LEGOLAND®, fun for kids and grown-ups

Over 60 million LEGO pieces make LEGOLAND® world lifelike. The park first opened its doors in 1968 inspired by it Danish creator Ole Kirk Kristiansen, who recreated the most emblematic spots around the world through these well-known pieces. This small-scale recreation of the different countries welcomes over 50 attractions that keep the whole family entertained. The word LEGO stands for “play well” (the abbreviation of the Danish words leg godt) which is exactly the purpose of this game brand.

Imagen de una maqueta de LEGOLAND

The park is divided into eight areas, among which Miniland, Pirate Land or Adventure Land. A standard ticket for children costs 279 Krones (around 37 Euros) and 295 Krones (39 Euros) for adults if you buy online. If you can get there on the 19th March, when the park opens, you’ll be able to save a little. The park has long opening hours, from 10am to 9pm in some areas.

Imagen de LEGOLAND

The icing on the cake to feel like a real LEGO inhabitant is to sleep in the park’s hotel, which offers a private entry to the park. You can book online from its website.

© Pictures: Marcin Wichary, Bobby Hidy, Fido y Brahmsee.

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