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The best beaches of Dominican Republic

The best beaches of Dominican Republic

Caribbean beaches are typically regarded as the best ones around and those in the Dominican Republic definitely live up to their reputation. Thanks to their fine white sands, the corals and their incredible surroundings, holidays here are an object of desire for people all over the world.

But the Dominican Republic, and particularly Punta Cana, is more than meets the eye, it is also a must-go destination for outdoor sports lovers, offering from water sports to natural park routes or the most charming islands.

Newlyweds are also very attracted to the Dominican Republic for a romantic and fun honeymoon. Just bear in mind that the hurricane season runs from May till the end of the year, so expect this weather if you travel during these months.

If you’re planning to spend your holidays there then you’ll need to know which the 8 best beaches in the Dominican Republic are to have the time of your life:

The best beaches of Dominican Republic

  • Las Terrenas Beach: Located up north in the Samaná peninsula, this is a highly recommendable beach for a truly relaxing holiday. Immersed in dreamy surroundings of white-sand-beaches and lined with tall palm trees, this is one of the most highly rated beaches in the Dominican Republic.
  • Bayahibe Beach: In a small fishers’ town and over 11 km long, this beach is near La Romana and has become a famous destination thanks to its tropical scenery, featuring cactuses and other plants. This is an ideal beach to practice snorkel or take a boat to Saona Island.
  • Punta Cana Beach: Typically a top rate in the country, Punta Cana is located to the east and is one of the most popular beaches. Huge hotel resorts are laid out by the coast in endless miles of perfect white beaches with turquoise waters where we should highlight Bibijagua market, an advisable destination in the area.
  • Sosúa Beach: Located at the north of the country, this beach is famous for its deep turquoise sea waters and its golden beaches. The astonishing surroundings include thick tropical vegetation such as bushes, coco palm trees and almond trees.
  • Cayo Levantado Beach: Located in the Samaná Peninsula, Cayo Levantado is made up of two beaches with lush vegetation: Playa Grande and Playa Honda. To make it even more beautiful, the water is so transparent that you can clearly see the sand in the depths and if you get there from January to March you’ll enjoy humpback whale sightseeing.
  • Saona Island: We cannot forget Saona Island, in the National Park of the East and considered the “the pearl of the Caribbean coast”. This ecosystem is home to migratory birds and protected plants, as it is surrounded by virgin beaches inviting to lay in the sun and swim as well as hike around the park.
  • Playa Grande:  It is the largest beach in the north coast and is considered as one of the best ones to chill out and shut out the world. To enjoy solitude to the fullest, go on the afternoons as it is less crowded and you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful sunset. What else could you ask for?
  • Playa Dorada: Also to the north of the country, this beach is packed with reefs and great places to practice snorkel, windsurf or kiteboarding, adrenaline-pumping activities that will give an adventurous touch to your trip.

Snorkel en República Dominicana

But in the Dominican Republic it is not all about beaches. Endless leisure activities are waiting for you. Why not combining the sun and relaxation with a little bit of action? Here you have some ideas:

What to see in the Dominican Republic

  • Santo Domingo: The city of Santo Domingo is an excellent way to plunge into the city life. You’ll have the opportunity to visit historic monuments such as the Catedral Primada de América, the Parque Colón, the Puerta del Conde, the Alcázar de Colón or the Paseo de los Indios.
  • El Cortecito: 20 minute away from Punta Cana, you’ll be able to enjoy a shopping day in this picturesque flea market to find items such as habano cigars, artwork from local artisans or bottles of rum.
  • Manatí Park: This is an amusement park offering dancing horse shows or expert parrots combined with a direct treat with nature and the most exotic fauna of the whole country.
  • Fun-fun cave: Venture down into the depths of one of the biggest caves out there.

To end up this post, we’d like to give you some useful information for your next trip to the Dominican Republic:

  • Time difference with UK: It is 5 hours behind.
  • Plugs: Are the same as those used in the United States with two flat prongs.
  • Weather: The country has quite a humid and hot weather with storms ranging from June to November.
  • Currency: Dominican Peso.

Where to exchange your money in the Dominican Republic

Global Exchange is present in the country since 2006. Today, the company has branches in the airports of Punta Cana, Cibao (Santiago de los Caballeros) and in 19 hotels in tourist areas of Bayahibe and Bávaro plus a branch located in Palma Real shopping centre. Global Exchange has 39 branches across 25 workplaces staffing 221 people. Find all information in their website.

If you’re heading to the Dominican Republic and want to get your Dominican pesos before taking off, visit Global Exchange. With over 220 branches in 20 countries, they are the best for your foreign exchange needs.

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