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Music and festivals in Morocco

Summer is finally coming in some parts of the planet and positivity and celebration come with it. Even so, there are many destinations in which joy and happiness are felt everywhere at any time of the year. That is…


How much will it cost me to travel to Aruba?

Maybe you have only considered travelling to Aruba because it is a stopover for many cruises that sail across the Caribbean Sea. Or maybe we are wrong and you are already planning to go to this happy island someday.…


The Black Lake, in Switzerland

Legend has it that a giant dared to wash his feet in one of the Swiss lakes and its waters remained black, colour that gives the lake its name now. Whether this story is true or not, the truth…


Billund, LEGO homeland

If you hear about Billund, you probably wouldn’t be able to place it in a map. But if we talk about LEGOLAND® park in Denmark, it may ring a bell. Whether you’re into travelling or into roller-coasters, you should…


Nepal, after the earthquake… what?

In the last few months, Nepal has been popping out a lot in the news because of the earthquake that brutally devastated the country last 25 April, and the aftershocks that followed shortly after. Which explains why, when I…

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