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Turkey: explore magic Cappadocia

There is a strange landscape in the Turkish plains of Anatolia, just like a fairy tale image. In Cappadocia (Turkey), rocks with bold and original shapes connect colourful and rounded hills. Humans have been digging their houses on the…


Barcelona by bike

The second most visited city of Spain, Barcelona, is beautiful no matter how you look at it. You can walk around it, sail along its coast, or see it from one of those open-top tourist buses that appear to…


How to rent vans and motorhomes in Australia

When the first Europeans landed in the Australian coasts, they couldn’t imagine how immense that country –almost a continent on its own– was and the discovery fascinated anthropologists, zoologists and travellers all over the world. Australia was, is and…


The best spots to party in Madrid

Doing a bit of a deductive exercise, if Spain is considered the best country in Europe to party, its capital, Madrid, must be a temple devoted to the bad nightly habits of the masses. And that’s not far from…

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