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Discover Yucatán and Quintana Roo from Cancún

When we think about travelling to Cancún (Mexico), we imagine spending our holidays in an all-inclusive resort enjoying beaches with white sand and turquoise waters. Without a doubt, this can be the main reason of more than one traveller…


Montevideo: we’re going shopping

If you visit Uruguay, you will surely stop in its capital. There you will visit places such as Plaza Independencia, the Museum of Contemporary Art or Iglesia de los Carmelitas. Many will look for the best restaurants of the…


Geneva: shopping next to Lake Geneva

If we think about European cities for going shopping during a trip, we will probably think about Paris, London or Milan. Only a few will include Geneva, in Switzerland, on that list. However, despite its small size, this city…


Eating in Madrid, places for all budgets

The capital of Spain is, without a doubt, famous for the quality of its cuisine, the variety of ingredients used and the great amount of restaurants distributed throughout the city. Its wide and varied offering makes it hard for…


What to see in Madrid

A lot of times the city we live in is the one we know and visit less. It is as if, because we have everything at reach, we instinctively leave it for later, and it is a real shame…

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